Wagner Brakes
      We use Wagner brake systems because we believe they are the best pad for your
vehicle. Not only are they designed to be quiet, they are designed for a longer life
span. With its specific shape it generates less friction, which in turn comes with less
dust and reduced rotor wear.
      So if you're hearing squealing, grinding, a high pitched whine, or you feel your seat
and/or steering wheel shake as you come to a stop, bring your vehicle by today for us
to do a brake check. These are all symptoms that you could be at the beginning of
needing new brakes.
      Brakes are an important safety feature in every car and should be maintained
regularly with checks and replacements. Just like tires they wear down the more they
are used and in the manner that they are used. From slow stoppers to break checking
kings, we all need to make sure that they are working at their best.
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