Factory scheduled Maintenance
       All vehicles come with set service markers on when the dealer
recommends you do certain things. This ranges from oil changes,
alignments, flushes, tires, and filter replacements. Usually they
recommend you do these by a mileage range (0-180,000).
      All shops are in agreement that remembering to do regular
maintenance on your vehicle will extend the length of time you
have with it. If you want your car to last you 10+ years you need to
take care of it. We can tell you when you have a factory
maintenance check coming up, or if you come in and say that it is
time for a transmission flush, we can help you out.
      We want you to have a safe and reliable mode of
transportation, so next time you're in the area come by and ask us
questions. We will try and answer you to the best of our ability
about what your car needs to run like new again.