Charging System
Every vehicle has a charging/starting system, it usually consists of a battery, starter
motor, alternator, fuse block, wires, and belts to connect them all together. The starter
motor is what is used to get your vehicle initially started, once that happens its a
constant loop of power through the wires in the system to keep your vehicle on. When
one aspect of the system starts to fail you then have a disruption of electrical currents
which causes your vehicle to not run at its best.
       When a part fails completely that is when you notice your vehicle not starting when
you turn the key. Many things can cause this to happen. The common culprit in most
peoples minds is that the battery went out. While that is true in most cases there are tell
tale signs that can give you an idea of where your problem lies if not in the battery.

  • You hear a loud click when you turn your key
       The starter circuit may be getting enough current, but it could be a bad starting
motor, bad solenoid, or even an engine mechanical problem.

  • You hear a grinding noise
       It might be a loose starter motor (mounting bolts), a flywheel or pinion gear with
broken or worn-out teeth. If the gears on the flywheel and pinion aren't able to mesh
properly, all you hear is the sound of metal teeth clashing loudly.

  • You hear a buzzing sound
       Electrical current is making it to the starter motor, but all it does is try
unsuccessfully to activate the solenoid's plunger to engage the pinion gear and
flywheel. This is failure is usually caused by poor electrical flow due to low battery charge
or poor electrical connections along the starting circuit, including corroded battery

  • You don't hear anything
       This could be more electrical issues, a failed battery, or corroded electrical
connections (including battery terminals) that prevent electrical current from reaching
the starter motor.

If you hear any of these noises you have a problem in your system.  The best way to give
your mechanic a place to start when looking for a problem is to tell him what noises you
hear. This gives them the opportunity to know where to look and not just start banging
away at you vehicle without fixing the issue. So stop by our shop today and  tell us if you
hear bees buzzing around under the hood of your non-starting vehicle, we will be happy
to help!